About Us

Shree Vruddhi Astro

Shree Vrudhhi Astro (P) Ltd. is an independent organization. Our Corporate Office is located at Khasra No.342, Wazirabad, Near Kalighat, Delhi 110084.

We provide the most comprehensive offer and premium personalized Astrological and the range of other services. We are helping people since 2003 but after working for 17 years and helping thousands of people we found that we can help more people by reaching them online which is the fastest way to connect more people. Because we believe in Seva Parmo Dharm.

We also have a big number of Pandit Ji available for Yagya, Puja, Marriage, Bhagwat katha, and other related services. They can be booked either online or by dialing our toll-free number.

We provide our Yajamans with insightful, accurate, professional guidance. The rage of services has been described under the Puja & Paath / Yagya & Jaap section.

This the first and only website which has been designed to full fill all your aspects. All our experts are Sanskrit scholars Acharya and Shastri Pandit, We have presented them in your service.

Online astrology is a conventional astrological consultation. Which generally replaced the practise to go to an expert astrologer in an individual with the tough replica of the person’s horoscope. The astrologer will look at it, make calculations, and provide out predictions in individual, as a result. However, improvement of the cutting-edge era has contributed to the superiority and popularity of on-line astrology Where you don’t need to get hassle to visit an astrologer. This has stored the customers the time and hassle of taking appointments from astrologers and journeying them in character for recommendation, and instead, deliver them the ease of availing fine online astrology consultations in the comfort of their places, in absolute privacy.